Have you been loved enough?

For years I suffered from depression, and I also had very low self-worth.  Even buying myself a new pair of trousers was difficult because I didn’t think I was deserving enough!

I wanted to understand what was happening to me because all the usual theories of depression just didn’t seem to hit the mark.  I thought about it, read about it, gnawed over it for years.

Then, one sunny afternoon as I was sitting in my garden, the following phrase came into my head:

That to which you do not fully attend shall weigh you down.

To this day, I don’t know how it came, or where it came from, but the messages kept flowing: how we were made up of three time-selves, and each claims ownership of the ‘I’ we think we are.  And that was the point: it’s what we think we are.  Even depression is a thought.

I outlined all this in two books – Time-Light, which is the name of my overall program, and The Untrue Story of You, which was published by Hay House.

And our troubles, and all the troubles in the world, come about because we aren’t loved enough.  That is especially true when we are children: millions of us aren’t loved by one, or both, of our parents.

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Thank you for visiting, and may you be time-light.