When you stop living your untrue story, what’s left is magical and magnificent. It’s what you truly are

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For more than ten years, I suffered from chronic depression. It wasn’t caused by a chemical imbalance—as neuroscience might suggest—so what was happening?


Author & Philospher Bryan Hubbard

It was a profound sense that life was pointless, it had no purpose.

Deep down, I knew my life could, and should, be better than this. You probably have those times, too, when there doesn’t seem to be any point any more or you feel your life should be richer and more complete than it is.

We all do.

And this can manifest in many ways. You can be depressed, or addicted, or have mood swings, or get angry with people around you, or just want to curl up in a ball and die.

Why does this happen? After years of exploration and analysis, I discovered the answer. It’s to do with who we think we are and the narrative by which we live our lives.

It’s your untrue story.

It’s summed up by the central idea in my book, The Untrue Story of You:

“The thought thinks the thinker”